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EJS Asset Solutions Limited Includes Forklifts from 1.5 - 5.5 tons, Compressor, HSM Mill Size Baler, Pallet Wrapper, Shredder, Steam cleaner, Band Saw, Cross Cut Saw and more Timed Online Auction Ended 02 Dec 2015 14:58 GMT

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  • Ended 02 Dec 2015 14:58 GMT
Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Venue Address

  • Poplars Farm
  • Hurst Lane
  • Auckley
  • Doncaster
  • South Yorkshire
  • DN9 3NW
  • United Kingdom

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VAT/sales tax on hammer: 20.00%

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Jungheinrich TFG316S Forklift (2009)

Lot 2

Jungheinrich TFG316S Forklift S.N. FN397365 LPG Powered 1.6 Ton lift Y.O.M. 2009 Lift Height  4500mm Triplex Container mast with Freelift & ...

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Caterpillar GP18K Forklift

Lot 3

Caterpillar  GP18K  Forklift LPG powered 1.8 ton lift S.N. ET25A-86198 Y.O.M.  2003 Hours  9678 Lift Height  3700mm Starts , Drives & Lifts...

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Nissan 1.5 ton Forklift (2009)

Lot 4

Nissan  1.5 ton Forklift  (2009) 1.5 ton lift LPG powered Model  P1F1A15D S.N.  002335 Hours  4798 Lift Height  3000mm Starts , Drives & Li...

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Hyster H2.5FT Forklift (2008)

Lot 5

Hyster H2.5FT Forklift  (2008) LPG Powered. S.N. L177B24521F Y.O.M.  2008 LPG Powered Lift Height  6000mm Triplex Mast With Freelift & Sides...

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Caterpillar Reach Truck (2010)

Lot 6

Caterpillar Reach Truck  (2010) Model  NR16NC S.N. 8NN20043 Y.O.M.  2010 Electric Powered c/w Charger Triplex Mast with Sideshift 1.6 Ton Li...

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Hyster S3.0FT Compact Forklift (2005)

Lot 7

Hyster S3.0FT Compact Forklift (2005) LPG Powered 3 Ton Lift S.N. F187V02670C Y.O.M.  2005 Lift Height  4765mm Triplex Mast With Freelift & ...

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Yale GLP20TF Forklift (2005)

Lot 8

Yale GLP20TF Forklift S.N. A875B34214C LPG Powered 2 Ton lift Y.O.M.  2005 Lift Height  3830mm Duplex Mast With Sideshift Hours  11427 Sta...

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Hyster H4.5FT Forklift (2008)

Lot 9

Hyster H4.5FT  Forklift S.N.  N005B04681F 4.5 Ton Lift LPG Powered Y.O.M.  2008 Lift Height  3400mm Duplex Mast With Sideshift Hours 5581 ...

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Linde H25T Forklift (2007)

Lot 10

Linde H25T Forklift  (2007) S.N. H2X392U01252 2.5 Ton Lift LPG Powered Y.O.M.  2007 Lift Height 3800mm Duplex Mast with Sideshift Hours  55...

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Hyster H2.5FT Zone 1 Pyroban Forklift (2007)

Lot 11

Hyster H2.5FT  Zone 1 Pyroban Forklift S.N. L177B17605E 2.5 Ton Lift Diesel Powered Y.O.M.  2007 Lift Height  4950mm Triplex Mast With Freel...

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Clark CDP20S Compact Diesel Forklift

Lot 12

Clark CDP20S Compact Forklift S.N. P245D0765 2 Ton Lift Diesel Powered Y.O.M.  1999 Lift Height 3850mm Triplex Container Mast With Freelift ...

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Hyster 4 ton Diesel Forklift

Lot 13

Hyster  4 ton Diesel Forklift Model  H4.00XMS S.N.  K005A05166Z Y.O.M.  2002 Hours  15938 Duplex Mast Lift Height  4300mm Starts , Drives &...

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Yale GLP18VX Forklift ( 2011 )

Lot 14

Yale GLP18VX Forklift  ( 2011 ) LPG Powered S.N.  C810B05776J Lift Height  4330mm Hours  6254 Duplex mast with Sideshift  Starts , Drives & ...

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Hyster H3.00XM Forklift (2004)

Lot 15

Hyster H3.00XM  Forklift  3 ton lift Y.O.M.  2004 LPG Powered S.N.  H177B47591B Lift Height  4705mm Duplex Mast Piped for 3rd & 4th valve a...

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Hyster H5.5FT Diesel Forklift (2007)

Lot 16

Hyster  H5.5FT  Diesel Forklift  Y.O.M.  2007 S.N.  N005B03160E Cummins  Engine Lift Height  4700mm Duplex Mast Hours  12021 Piped for 3rd ...

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Hyster H4.0FT Forklift (2010)

Lot 17

Hyster  H4.0FT  Forklift  Y.O.M.  2010 LPG Powered S.N.  P005B03013H Lift Height  4250mm Hours  15571 Fitted with Double Pallet Handler Atta...

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Hyster S3.5FT Compact Forkilft (2008)

Lot 18

Hyster  S3.5FT Compact Forkilft  Y.O.M.   2008 LPG Powered S.N.  F187V14237F Lift Height  3310mm Fitted with Double Pallet Handler & Sideshif...

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Linde T20 Electric Ride on Multi Pallet Mover

Lot 20

Linde T20 Electric Ride on Multi Pallet Mover Model  T20 AP02 2 Ton max load Hours - 396 c/w  Charger Powers up , Drives & Lifts  OK ...[mor...

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Worthington Creyssensac Compressor & Tank

Lot 21

Worthington Creyssensac Compressor & Tank Model - RLR6000AE2 45kw motor 8 Bar Hours  10690 459 cm/h   ( 270 cfm ) weight 815kgs c/w  930 lt...

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ITW Mima Pallet wrapper ( 240v )

Lot 22

ITW Mima Pallet wrapper  Model - Ecomat 2000 240v untested   ...[more]

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HSM Mill Size Baler

Lot 23

HSM Mill Size Baler Model - HSM VL500.2 S.N.  240148380 54 Ton Press Makes 500-600 kg bales Auto Eject 3 Phase power ...[more]

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Nilfisk-Advance ride on floor scrubber / drier

Lot 24

Nilfisk-Advance ride on floor scrubber / drier Model  BR800CS c/w  240v  charger 36v battery ...[more]

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Hefter electric warehouse sweeper

Lot 25

Hefter electric warehouse sweeper c/w  charger ...[more]

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Packer Void Fill Cardboard Shredder

Lot 26

Packer Void Fill Cardboard Shredder Model  CP422S2 Y.O.M.  2009 3 phase Shreds old boxes into cushioned pieces for filling voids in boxes for...

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Clarke Mobile Steam cleaner

Lot 27

Clarke Mobile Steam cleaner Model  HLS 155F S.N.  1000574300 3 Phase + Diesel c/w  water infeed pipe , outfeed pipe & lance ...[more]

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Centauro Mini Max Bandsaw

Lot 28

Centauro Mini Max Bandsaw model S700P Y.O.M.  2003 3 phase ...[more]

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Wadkin Cross Cut Saw

Lot 29

Wadkin Cross Cut Saw Model  BRA 450 3 phase Fully Braked Health and Safety compliant ...[more]

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Wadkin Bursgreen 12 X 7 Planer / Thicknesser

Lot 30

Wadkin Bursgreen 12 X 7 Planer / Thicknesser 3 phase Fully Braked Health and Safety compliant ...[more]

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Humphries strip levelling machine

Lot 31

Humphries strip levelling machine Bar Straightening Rollers 3 phase ...[more]

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Meddings Pedestral Drill

Lot 32

Meddings Pedestral Drill 3 phase ...[more]

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10 x unused 8.5 ton shackles

Lot 33

10 x unused 8.5 ton shackles ...[more]

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Warehouse/workshop trolley

Lot 34

Warehouse/workshop trolley ...[more]

More details

Pallet Mover

Lot 35

Pallet Mover 2500kgs max load ...[more]

More details

Pallet Mover ( forward,back & sideways mover )

Lot 36

Pallet Mover Forward,back & sideways mover. When fully jacked up barrow will move sideways. 2500kgs max load ...[more]

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240

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