Cinema Poster - Super Troopers 2

In FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TENDER The assets and equi...

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Hull, Yorkshire
Cinema Poster - Super Troopers 2
Cinema Poster - Super Troopers 2

FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TENDER The assets and equipment owed by Moonlight Cinema Limited.

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Venue Address
389-395 Anlaby Road
United Kingdom

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Important Information

Lot 1. Christie CP2230 Digital Projector with Lens, Doremi Cinema Server, 52’ Inflatable Air Screen


Lot 2. Barco HD20 Digital Projector with Lens, 40’ Inflatable Air Screen


Lot 3. Barco HD20 Digital Projector with Lens, 40’ Inflatable Air Screen


Lot 4. Audio Systems, WIFi/Bluetooth Transmission Equipment and Receivers

Office Equipment, Two Way Radios, PPE and Public Safety Equipment


Lot 5. 40’ Hi-Cube Container with Fold Out Cinema Screen


Lot 6. 40’ Hi-Cube Container with Toilet Facilities and Waste Tank


Lot 7. Tow-a-Ability Equipped Catering Twin Axle Trailer


Lot 8.  Stephill SSDK12 Generator in Cabinet (20 Hours Running Time)


Lot 9. NEW/UNUSED and Still Packaged Stephill SSDK12 Generator in Cabinet



Viewing can be arranged by appointment, offers should be submitted to Andrew Baitson offers writing or via email on or before 12 noon on Thursday 31st January 2019.

Terms & Conditions

Gilbert Baitson LLP have instructed by the company director as their authorised agent, to sell whatever interest the company Moonlight Cinema limited have in the assets.

Any offer received will need to be ratified by the subsequently appointed liquidator before the sale will be confirmed and title passes, all assets are sold as seen without any form of guarantee or warranty.

Please note that as the appointed agents who manage the affairs, business and property of the company do so without personal liability.  

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