Bespoke Joinery Woodworking Machines

by Knighton Evans Auctioneers

Ended 15 Jun 2022 12:34 GMT Timed Online Auction

Important Information

Viewing by appointment only please call to arrange Monday 13thy June 10am until 2pm


Payment in full must be made by BACS or Internet Transfer by no later than 12 noon Thursday 16th June

A Pro-Forma Invoice will be sent to your registered email address giving full details for payment

Collection by Appointment ONLY Friday 17th June and Monday 20th June. It is the resonsiblity of the purchaser to lift and remove from the premises. We now have the use of a fork lift from a neighbour at an agreed fee of £25 per lift if needed. 


Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Sale1).It is the buyers legal responsibility to read and acknowledge these terms and conditions, and not that of the Auctioneer, or staff to keep reminding buyers of the consequences should through ignorance or misunderstanding, their actions prove costly towards themselves in any way.2). An Auction is conducted pursuant to these conditions. In addition, all visitors and contractors are reminded that they are responsible for their own safety on site and enter the auction premises entirely at their own risk.3). The Auctioneer or Seller will accept no legal responsibility for loss of life or limb, or damage to both structural property or adjoining lots, occasioned by the visitors presence. Any damage occasioned by any visitors, will have to be paid for at Full Replacement Value, including re-commissioning costs, plus Vat where applicable.4). The Auctioneer suggests that potential purchasers take out suitable insurance to cover both their attendance whilst on site, and possible removal of acquired lots.5). All visitors should fully understand and adhere to the relevant Health & Safety regulations whilst on site.6). From time to time there may well be Special Conditions attached to these General Terms and Conditions. Therefore, if special conditions are introduced into any Auction or Tender, then they will be made clearly indentifiable.7). In the interest of Health & Safety NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 16 YEARS OLD WILL BE ALLOWED ON SITE."The Auctioneer".8). The person conducting the Auction, is deemed to do so by both delegation of management, and clientele. The Auctioneer or Vendor shall not be held responsible for the authenticity, genuiness, period, condition or quality of any lot. Any statements made are of opinion only, and are not to be taken as fact, or to be implied as such. All goods sold by the Auctioneer will be sold as seen and without any warranty."The Bidder".9). Is any person over the age of 18 years old of sound mind and body, who is offering to purchase any lot, whether this person is attending an Auction or Tender. Furthermore, the highest bidder shall be the buyer, and he or she is responsible for the lot concerned at the fall of the hammer. Therefore, the accepted bidder is legally responsible for that particular lot once the hammer falls and is strongly advised to effect insurance at once.10). The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any bid without tendering a reason. Furthermore, in case of disputes between bidders, the Auctioneer has the discretion to either determine the dispute or to direct the lot to be resold.11). Any person agreeing to purchase any lot at Auction. In addition, the buyer agrees to pay for all the lots purchased in full in Cash or Bankers Draft ONLY before removal, the removal time will be set by the Auctioneer. Furthermore, the Auctioneer will only accept bids from persons of the age 18 and over, proof of identity may be asked for.12). Should the buyer be both a buyer of the lots not paid for and the vendor of other equipment entered into Auction, then the dispute will be carried forward, in that any losses incurred to the Auctioneers or their clients by way of disputes from lots not paid for in full, will be amended by the proceeds of the sale of all or part of the vendors (at fault), lots entered by the way of entry to our premises. This action will be taken in the interest of genuine clientele in order to protect both their`s and the Auctioneers position.13). Intending purchasers must satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise as to all such matters, and to the physical description of any lot. The lots are sold with all faults and errors of description of any lot. The purchaser is deemed to have inspected the lot he or she buys, if he or she buys without previously inspecting the lot, he or she shall be deemed to have done so at his or her own risk.14). Any lot described in the catalogue or on the Agents invoice. In addition, all lots must be paid for in full, before the Agent will allow their removal. All lots must be removed within the stated time period, otherwise the Auctioneer reserves the right to resell the lot, whether paid for or not, and charge any loss to the original bidder.15). The Auctioneers participation in any sale agreement by Auction, IS IN AN AGENT CAPACITY ONLY. ANY faults whatsoever that may be found on any item bought either in Auction, will be deemed to have passed from seller to buyer only. Furthermore, in the INTERESTS OF HEALTH SAFETY, any lots bought in either Auction or Tender for personal use or resale, will require the buyer to initiate the appropriate testing procedures before use or resale."VAT AND EXPORT"16). VAT will be charged in full. This will only be refunded on receipt of valid proof of exportation (bill of lading) and, if moved within the EEC, evidence of the buyers Vat number. "Removal"17). Any damage occasioned by a visitor will have to be paid for in full.