HARE 5BS hydraulic press SN - 7720359

In Clearance and Relocation Sale

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150 GBP
Errol, Perthshire
HARE 5BS hydraulic press SN - 7720359


Morris Leslie Plant Auctions
HARE 5BS hydraulic press SN - 7720359

Clearance and Relocation Sale

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Morris Leslie Auctions
Errol Airfield
United Kingdom

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Important Information

Buyers fee 20% plus VAT on all lots.

Viewing day - 14/02/19 10am till 4pm.

Collection must be made on 20th or 21st of February with no exceptions between 9am - 5pm.

Collection from - Stoneridge, Charles Bowman Avenue, Claverhouse Industrial Estate, Dundee DD4 9UB.


Terms & Conditions



PAYMENT AND TERMS Payment should be by SWITCH, VISA, MASTERCARD or CHAPS (SAMEDAY) PAYMENT during banking hours to allow for quick collection of lots.  Payment is required in pounds sterling.  WE REGRET WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES AS A FORM OF PAYMENT AT AUCTION.  Payment may be made during the course of the sale as soon as the purchaser has bought his last lot.  The balance of any account must be paid NO LATER THAN 48 HOURS AFTER THE SALE.


BIDDING The Sale is conducted in pounds sterling.


PROVISIONAL SALES The seller may place a reserve price on his entry below which the Auctioneer must not sell it.  If the highest bid received is below the reserve price the Auctioneer may provisionally sell the item subject to the seller accepting the highest bid.  The ‘provisional sales’ clerk will negotiate between the seller and the provisional buyer to try to agree a price at which a sale can be concluded to the satisfaction of both parties.


VALUE ADDED TAX Value Added Tax at the standard rate will be added to the purchasers’ sale accounts except in the case of items which are not subject to VAT. The Margin Scheme does not apply to the Sale; we are therefore required to charge VAT on all lots sold. Please contact our accountant if you would like clarification


Overseas customers are asked to note the following:

(1)                Buyers from other EC countries:

(a)       VAT registered – you must, at the time of registration, produce your VAT registration number and a copy of your invoice stationery bearing this number.  When settling your account, you will be required to pay a deposit equivalent to the standard rate of VAT; provided your VAT number is authenticated by HM Customs and Excise and that you supply suitable evidence within 90 days that the goods have left the UK, your deposit will be refunded.  The requirement to pay a deposit equivalent to the VAT may be waived if certain conditions are followed.  Please contact our accountant for details.

(b)       If you are not VAT registered or are unable to comply with para (a), VAT will be charged and will not be refundable.

(2)                Buyers from outside the EC will be required to pay a deposit equivalent to VAT at the standard rate.  This will be refunded to the purchaser only if the Auctioneer receives a Bill of Lading or Certificate of Shipment within 90 days of the sale as proof that the items have been sent overseas.

(3)                VAT is added to the service charge as the service was performed in the UK.


DEPOSITS The Auctioneer reserves the right to collect deposits from purchasers at the time of their first purchase and from time to time throughout the sale as the Auctioneer deems necessary.


INSURANCE OF LOTS The purchaser is on risk from the fall of the hammer and is advised to obtain insurance as soon as possible.


NON-TRANSFERENCE OF LOTS The Auctioneer will accept payment only from and permit removal of lots by the purchaser to whom the lot was knocked down.


CONDITIONS OF ENTRY AND SALE All lots will be sold subject to the Conditions of Entry and Sale. Bidders are strongly advised to read them carefully.


CATALOGUES In the event of any lot not being available for sale as advertised, the Auctioneer cannot be held responsible for any expense however incurred. Care is taken to ensure accuracy of any catalogue but no sale shall be invalidated by reason of any mis-description in a catalogue and the Auctioneer shall incur no liability to any persons in respect of any such description.


GENERAL Where available the recorded hours of various machines have been included.  This is not to be relied upon as statement of hours worked and is intended purely for guidance purposes.  Each party must make their own inspection in order to satisfy themselves of this fact.  The year shown on some items may indicate model or year when model was put into service rather than the year of manufacture.  Names of manufacturers are used as an indication concerning the kind of characteristics of the described items and may be generic.


SERVICE CHARGE A service charge is added to the hammer price of each lot.  Service charge rate for this sale is 20% and may be seen during registration.  VAT will be added to the Service Charge at the standard rate.

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