Due to the closure of one of the UK's leading 'Food To Go' Manufactures, We offer for sale their assets.
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  • Ended 27 Jun 2018 16:18 BST

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Currency: GBP
Commissions ex. VAT/sales tax: 12.50% (includes buyer's premium and online commission)
VAT/sales tax on hammer: 20.00%

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Brambles Foods Ltd, 13 - 16 Drake Court, Middlesborough, TS2 1RS, United Kingdom

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Syspal S/s  Sink. LO £20 ...[more]

Freezer Room: Panelling Approx 6800 x 5700x 2800mm high. Searle 3 fan evap GIF1, Eco Coils & Coolers 2 fan evap with Compressors GIF2 Ramp, Insula...

Dodman 200 litre. Model DL1348 Blanch/Rinse system. Totally s/s  1 x hot water tank 1 x cold water tank Both automatic fill LO £20  ...[more]

S/s Double Sink with drainer with shower tap. each sink 600 x 450 x 300mm deep. Overall 600 x 1800mm long. LO £30 ...[more]

Oliver Douglas Type PAN800 S/s wash Cabinet. Internally 1.3 metres x 1.3 metres x 800 high. Electric. With a Chemical dosing system and extraction...

6 x Holchem Qac Test kits. LO £5 ...[more]

S/s Table 400 x 600mm. LO £10 ...[more]

Hobart Slicer, table top. LO £10 ...[more]

S/s Table 600mm x 1800 mm. LO £10 ...[more]

AFT Tomato Slicer. LO £40 ...[more]

Kronen tomato slicer. Model: Tona-s Slicer. LO£10 Located in Bath. ...[more]

S/s Table 600 x 1800mm. LO £10 ...[more]

  • 307 item(s)

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