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Unit 4, Heritage Enterprise Acres, Wakefield Road, Fitzwilliam, Pontefract, WF9 5BP , United Kingdom

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SPECIAL NOTICE 1. Please note, all stock is sold subject to availability 2. Please Refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale and if you are unable...

A Leadwell LTC 20P CNC Slantbed Lathe with Fanuc Series O-T Control

A Adcock Shipley Bridgeport Turret Mill with fitted Machine Vice

A Behringer Model HBP340 Twin Column Automatic Horizontal Metal Bandsaw, Capacity Rounds 340mm; Square 340 x 340mm, 415V, 3PH, 50Hz AC. Speeds 8.5...

A Mills 60 Tonnes C Frame Vertical Press; Stroke 12"; Daylight 24"; throat 16.5"; Table 66" and 18" Actuation Foot Pedal; Pump Size 2AD; 2240 PSI;...

A Webster & Bennet 36" Fixed Rail Vertical Turning Machine with Newall DP7 Digital Read Out

An Asquith ODI 6ft Radial Arm Drill with Heavy Tee Slot Table

A Jones & Shipman 1400 Surface Grinder with Power Rise and Fall, Magnetic Chuck 8" x 24" and Coolant Pump

Mills 100Ton Horizontal Straightening Press; Stroke 14", Max Jaw Pitch 46"; Min Jaw Pitch 10"; Approx 8' x 4' 2" x 4ft; Weight approx 3000kg

A Bigwood Model RS5 8 Roll Section Straighener ( 4 Upper Rolls adjustable) Flats 108 x 32mm to 125 x 25mm; Angle 125 x 125 x 16mm; channel 150 x 7...

A Bliss Model 308 500 ton Double sided Mechanical Press; 10" Stroke; 36" x 40" Bed; 20 Strokes per minute. Fully refurbished. Weight approx 28 ton...

A Sea 60 Ton Hydraulic Flying Shear; Speed 0.3-0.5m/s; Max Material Diameter 70mm; Blade 700mm Movement, 150mm Wide, Pass Height 1000mm; YOM:1997

4 x Morgardshammar type P520 2 Hi Roller Bearing Stands 320mm diameter x 600mm Barrel. Weight approx 10 tonnes

A Shawforge Hydraulic Sampling Test Press, 4480 PSI Working Pressure (150Tonnes)

An IWT Stretch Straightener 0-75 Tonnes capacity; unused since refurbishment; Range Flats 20 x 3mm-50 x 12mm; angles 25 x 25 x3mm -50 x 50 x 6mm. ...

A Pratt Bothers 65 ton Mechanical Product Shear; 16" Blade Length; 2" Stroke, 3" Daylight; 10HP Motor; Weight approx 6.5Tonnes.

A 2 Hi Rolling Mill Stand (Possibly Demag?) Weight approx 4 tonnes

A David Brown 171HP Reduction Gearbox Ratio 25.4:1

A Startrite Meba 3PH Horizontal Bandsaw

An M&R 3 Hi Pinion Box, 750KW Capacity; 320mm Centres, White Metal Bearings; Double Helical Gears. Weight approx 4 tonnes

A Horsborough & Scott 3 Hi Combination Gear Box; 800HP Capacity Ration 8.1:1; 355mm Centres Roller Bearings

A Brush 810KVA Transformer; 11000V Primary 455V Secondary, 425AMPS Primary; 50HZ; YOM1972

A Transformer & Rectifiers 430KVA Transformer; volts 11000/475V. Primary AMPS 22.75; Secondary AMPS 525A ; 50HZ

A English Electric 300KVA Transformer Primary Volts 11,000, Secondary volts 433-250V; Primary AMPS 15.75; Secondary AMPS 400A

A WMW Model PKXA 63 tons Mechanical Press Brake 3550mm Wide; 70mm Stroke; 10HP Motor; Top & Bottom Tooling; Weight Approx. 10.5 tonne

A Morgardshammar R213V rotary Flying Shear for Dividing Bars into cooling Bed Lengths and for cropping the head and tail ends of wire rod. Capacit...

Asea Jig Borer

A Kameuchi Platinum 350 Mig Welder with flexi Feed 4 Feeder

A Hezel Type AMH4 Revolver Type Shear; Semi-Automatic; Max Diameter 30mm

A Radicon Type Industrial Gearbox

An Amada cutmaster type HA-400 Horizontal Bandsaw Automatic Bar Feed

A Beaver Vertical Machining Centre with Fanuc 6M CNC Control (Spares or Repair)

A Hydrovane Model 23 Rotary Air Compressor with Vertical Air Receiving Tank

A DS&G 2112 Gap Bed Centre Lathe and 3 Jaw Chuck

A Midsaw Minor Vertical Bandsaw

A Westinghouse Type HSB AC Induction Motor; 500HP; 1478RPM; 3PH, 2300V

A Westinghouse Type HSB AC Induction Motor; 500HP; 1478RPM; 3PH, 2300V

A Canadian Genreal Electirc AC Industrial Motor; 800HP; 985 RPM; 50 HZ; 2300V; 184A

A BBC 300KW DC Motor; 400RPM; 600V; 535A Approx Gross Weight approx. 6.5 tonnes

A BBC 300KW DC Motor; 400RPM; 600V; 535A Approx Gross Weight approx. 6.5 tonnes

A BBC 300KW DC Motor; 400RPM; 600V; 535A Approx Gross Weight approx. 6.5 tonnes

A BBC 300KW DC Motor; 400RPM; 600V; 535A Approx Gross Weight approx. 6.5 tonnes

A GEC Type QMSL 500/800 DC Motor; 300KW; 600V; 545A, 400/800RPM

A British Thopmson Houston 350HP AC Mill Motor; 400V; 470A; 50Hz; 3Phase; Rotor 630V; 250A; 490RPM

A Brightside Hotsaw with 48" Blade; Variable Forward/Reverse; 75HP, 3PH, 440V Motor

A Behringer HBP 650 Heavy Duty Twin Pillar Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw, Variable Speeds and Feeds; 650mm dia, 650 x 850mm Rectangle, YOM 1982

Wood Jenks 4 Stand Open Train Handmill, Stand 1 : 9" x 30" 3Hi, Stand 2 : 9" x 30" 3Hi. Stand 3 : 9" x 24" 3Hi. Stand 4 : 9" x 24" 2Hi, fabric sta...

A Quast 3Hi Opentop Mill stand; roll dia 300mm x 700mm Barrel: Fabric Bearings

A Scriven 2 Plane Straightening Machine; 16Rolls (8 Horizontal/ 8 Vertical); Nominal Roll Diameter 250mm; Roll Centres 380mm; Roller Bearings 2 x...

A Higear 980:1 Ratio Uncrambler Drive Unit

A Broom and Wade AC41 Twin Cylinder Reciever Mounted 3 Phase Air Compressor; 5HP Motor Approx 30 CFM(?)

A Cytrigan Oil Cooled Stick Welder

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