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Trimos Vertical 3 TVA 600 Height Gauge, sn:15877

Trimos Vertical 3 TVA 600 Height Gauge, sn:13259

Mitutoyo 0-12'' Micrometer Set

0-12'' Micrometer Set (missing 1-2'')

Fowler 6-12'' Micrometer Set

Tigerstop Automatic Stop/Gauge - bed length 4400mm.

Mitutoyo .7-6'' Bore Gauge Set

Mitutoyo .7-2.5'' Bore Gauge Set

Mitutoyo 2-4'' Bore Gauge Set

Zoller 400mm Smile Testing Machine Zoller Tool Presetting / Testing Machine Model: Smile 400 Type: SMI4/4-00051 Measuring Range: ‘Z’ – 398.78mm Me...

Mitutoyo 2-4'' Bore Gauge Set

SPI .7-2.5'' Bore Gauge Set

Fairground Skirting X8 Signs of use with rusting Approximate Dimensions: Height - 32cm Width - 174cm Depth - 110cm

Vermont .626-1.000'' Pin Gauge Set

.610-.525 Pin Gauge Set

.061-.500 Pin Gauge Set

.501-.750 Pin Gauge Set

Grade 0 Gauge Blocks

Grade B Gauge Blocks

Grade A+ Gauge Blocks

Wooden Truss X12 All used as shown   Approximate Dimensions: Height - 94cm Width - 254cm Depth - 3cm

SPI Rectangular Gauge Blocks

Fibreglass Trough X3 Light blue, blue and red   Approximate Dimensions (Blue): Height - 56cm Width - 80cm Depth - 118cm

Van Keuren Optical Surface Flatness Tester

Deltronics Pin Gauge

Mitutoyo 12-18'' Micrometers

Mitutoyo 12-16'' Micrometers

Assorted Micrometers

Assorted Micrometers

Zeiss Contura G2 CMM Inspection Machine, Serial Number 500368 with MSR Mini Multi Sensor Rack & HP Tower Computer (Located North Manchester. Pleas...

Height Gauge & Indicators

Avenger Height Gauge

Mitutoyo 24'' Vernier Caliper

Fowler 24'' Digital Vernier Caliper

Shars 24'' Vernier Caliper

(2) 12'' & (1) 8'' Calipers

(2) 12'' & (1) 8'' Calipers

2 Metal Retail Display Cubes Approximate Dimensions: Height - 68cm Width - 45cm Depth - 45cm Location - DI

Inside & Depth Micrometers

Fibreglass Trough Approximate Dimensions: Height - 34cm Width - 130cm Depth - 76cm Location - Container, NN17

TSI Vane Probe with calibration certificate

Suburban Tool 12'' Master View Optical Comparator, sn:1774-9808M

B&C Hardness Tester (Rockwell HR-150A)

Precision Granite 36'' x 72''Surface Plate Portable

Microflat 24'' x 36'' Surface Plate with Stand

Lot 56



2 Sets of Ultra Thin Parallels

Indexed Plug Gauge

Standridge 36'' x 48'' Grade B Surface Plate, Cal 23'

2 Surface Plates

Stainless Steel Square Tables x2 Approximate Dimensions: Height - 85cm Width - 90cm Depth - 90cm Location - Room 73

Aluminium Grundybins x4 Approximate Dimensions: Height - 75cm Width - 40cm Depth - 40cm Location - Room 73

Lot 100

process printer

MITUTOYO DP-1VA LOGGER process printer MITUTOYO model DP-1VA LOGGER process printer 20000273 271

Three Rothenberger RP50-S pressure testing pumps

Two Rothenberger RP50-S pressure testing pumps

Wooden Food Trolley Includes Items Shown On Image Approximate Measurements: Height-81cm Width-85cm Depth-56cm Location:Room 69

Contents of Bench to Include Assorted Angle Plates etc (Located North Manchester. Please Refer to General Notes)


Test & Measurement Equipment

Finding quality test & measurement equipment for sale doesn't have to be a difficult task. With so many reputable auction houses selling assets on BidSpotter, you can find an impressive selection of equipment available for purchase through online auctions. With test & measurement equipment including analysers, wave generators, material testers, optics & photonics equipment, and analytical instruments, you’’ find the items you need whatever the project. Use convenient filters like item type, brand, location, and auction house, and discover equipment from industry-trusted manufacturers. It’s easy to track your top choices by adding them to your personal watch list and be first to know when specific items become available by setting up your free automated alerts and reminders. Find the right testing and measuring tool for your business in the many live online auctions on BidSpotter.

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