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Mixer Bowl - Image 1 of 2
Mixer Bowl - Image 2 of 2
Mixer Bowl - Image 1 of 2
Mixer Bowl - Image 2 of 2
450 GBP
Rogerstone, Newport

Tonelli mixer bowl, 65 cm diam, 60 cm deep with whisk

Tonelli mixer bowl, 65 cm diam, 60 cm deep with whisk

2-Day Auction - Complete Cake Production Plant of Avana Bakeries & Food Processing Equipment of the Two Sisters Food Group

Ends from
Venue Address
Wern Industrial Estate
NP10 9YB
United Kingdom

General delivery information available from the auctioneer

Loading, Rigging, and Freight are at buyers expense.

Important Information

2-Day Auction - July 19th and 20th

Day 1 - July 19th - Complete Cake Production Plant, Formerly of Avana Bakeries: Producers of celebration cakes, puddings, chilled desserts and flour based confectioneries.

Day 2 - July 20th - Food Processing Equipment - Surplus of the Two Sisters Food Group, Includes Meat Processing Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Boiler Plant & More 

Auction Schedule:
Day 1 – July 19th – Lots 101-484
Day 2 – July 20th – Lots 501-622 

Public Previews:
3 July to 18 July from 9 am to 4 pm.

UK Contacts:
Sam Reese - +44 (0) 7555484635
Hazel Tria - +44 (0) 7503327981


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